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SMK Guntong telah mengadakan Majlis Pelancaran Program "Guntong Best" pada 19 Ogos 2009 bertempat di Perpustakaan SMK Guntong. Penyempurnaan Pelancaran Program "Guntong Best" telah dilakukan oleh Pegawai Daerah Setiu, Tuan Haji Nawawi Bin Ismail


DATE : 19 AUGUST 2009
TIME : 10.00 A.M

SMK Guntong was built at Kg. Padang Jejawi in year 2002 and started its schooling on January 2005. The school is also located about 74 kilometers from Kuala Terengganu and 35 kilometers from Jerteh. Apart from that, this school is categorized as a rural school. Besides, all SMKG students come from Kg.Panchur Merah, Hulu Kekabu, Batu Gajah, Kg. Bintang, Kg. Bahagia, Kg. Guntong Luar, Kg. Guntong Dalam, Kg. Che Mohid dan Kg Bukit Grebar.

“To be an excellent school in both academic and co-curricular activities.”

Providing a high quality and a world class education in academic, co-curricular activities, ICT skills as well as nurturing holistic individuals.

School Administration

Principal : Hj. Romeli Bin Ismail

Senior Assistant of : Ahmad Nordin Bin Bahari
Senior Assistant of : Wee Beng Hai
Students Affair
Senior Assistant of : Kamaruzzaman Bin Hamat

Head of Departments

(i) Science & Mathemati : Safiah Salwana Bt Md. Noor
(ii) Language : Zulkifli Bin Yusof
(iii) Humanity : W. Samsudin Bin W. Bakar
(iv) Technique and : Zurainy Bt Che Musa

“To be an excellent school in both academic and co-curricular activities.”

Providing a high quality and a world class education in academic, co-curricular activities, ICT skills as well as nurturing holistic individuals.


· Help students to excel and achieve high grades in SPM and PMR
· Facilitates and motivate students in achieving their goals both in curriculum and co-curriculum
· Shaping students to be emotionally and mentally balanced individuals
· Inculcate students awareness of world today
· Enable students to use the English language.
· Encourage students to be more confident and comfortable to speak English
· Help teachers to be more proficient in English
· Bring the outside world to SMK Guntong students.

The Implementation of GUNTONG BEST

1) Academic Program
· Kem Kecemerlangan Pelajar Sejuta Harapan Seribu Impian PMR/SPM
· Program Kecemerlangan Tingkatan 1,2 dan 4
· MAS (Minimum Adequate Syllabus) Program
· Motivational Program

2) Co-Curriculum Program
· Government Organisation (GO) - KRS, Police Cadet, Fire and Rescue Cadet
· Non-Government Organisation (NGO) - PBSM, PPIM, Pandu Puteri
· Club and Society
· Sports and Games
· Co-Academic Activities

3) Spiritual/ Religious Program
· Welcoming of “As-Syuhur Al– Hijriyyah”
· “ Santapan Rohani”
· Al-Quran, Jawi & Fardhu Ain Remedial Classes
· Prayers
· Greetings
· Doa

4) Students Affair
· Building of excellent Identity and Personality
· Shaping of Students’ Identity and Code of Conduct
· Health Awareness Program
· PPDa Program

5) International Outlook
· Newspaper in Education (NIE)
· English Avenue
· Jurassic Theme Park
· Assembly in English
· Speech in English (teachers and students)
· Compilation of English words and articles in English
· English Scrap Book

Client Charter

We, the family of SMK Guntong, with will and determination pledge and promise to focus all our efforts:
· To give a high quality services in education and high in spirit.
· To boost motivation and positive attitudes in order to excel.
· To build and maintain virtuous culture in curriculum and co curriculum.
· To generate an ethical and morally students.
· To raise awareness and responsibility among teachers and support staff.
· To build up good rapport between Parents Teachers Association and school.
· To develop a clean, save and conducive school environment.


SMK Guntong will determine all the following mission achieved:
· All students are excellent in PMR
· All students are excellent in SPM
· Become a character school-excellent in co curricular activities (fire and rescue cadet, Youth School Cadet)
· Produce IT savvy students.
· Produce students who are proficient in at least two languages.
· Become a model school in affiliation and community development.
· Become a model school in physical development inquiry.
· Create a conducive environment which will generate students’ mind actively, innovatively and creatively.
· Produce well groomed, discipline and excellent students

School Beliefs
· Students are the teachers’ responsibility
· Every student should get proper guidance to excel
· Every teacher is an excellent teacher
· United we stand

Mindset Changes 4 Q Concept
· AQ ( Adversity Quotient)
· IQ ( Intelligent Quotient)
· EQ (Emotion Quotient)
· ESQ ( Emotion, Spiritual Quotient)

3 Requirements
1) First class mentality
2) Towering personality
3) Think out of the box


I want to teach my students how
To live this life on earth
To face it’s struggles and it’s strive
And improve their worth
Not just the lesson in a book
Or how the river flows

But how to choose the proper path
Wherever they may go
To understand the external truth
And know the right from wrong and gather all the beauty of
A flower and song
For if I help the world to grow
In wisdom and in grace
Then I shall feel that I have won
And I have filled my place
And so I ask Your Guidance, God
That I may do my part
For character and confidence
And happiness of heart.

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