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Pelancaran Newspaper In Education (NIE) Programs

Pelancaran Newspaper In Education (NIE) Programs

SMK Guntong telah mengadakan Newspaper In Education (NIE) Programs mulai Ogos 2009. Pelancaran program telah dilakukan oleh Tuan Haji Kifayatul Allah Bin Dato’ Mohd Said, Timbalan Pegawai Pelajaran Daerah Setiu pada 17 Ogos 2009 bertempat di Dataran Perhimpunan SMK Guntong.

Newspaper in Education Programs provides teachers with free curriculum guides and other supplementary materials.

Rational of using English newspapers in SMK Guntong

- Newspapers can help to improve student’s English
- Newspapers can be an effective tool to inspire weak students to gain an interest in English.


- to encourage students to use English language
- Students will be more confident and comfortable to speak English.
- To bring the outside world to SMKG students.
- To increase student’s vocabulary.


- All classes must buy 2 copies of News Straits Times (NST)- Sunday until Thursday
- A class representative will get the NST from Co-op lobby every morning.
- All Students must read the NST everday.
- Students are compulsory to locate 30 words per day from the NST and write down all the
words in the ‘Vocab book’ including the definition of the words in Malay.
- Students are also compulsory to copy a passage a day.
- Class teanchers are the co-ordinators of this program and they are responsible to check the
progress constantly.
- Every students must have their own pocket files to compile all the writings.
- All students and teachers must have the ‘Vocab Book” and copy the 20 words from Enhlish
teachers every Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.
- Every class must produce an NST scrape book weekly
- All classes must have the English Corner to exhibit their own masterpiece or creativity.
Selected teachers and students must deliver a speed in English during Sunday assembly.
- Annauncement will be conducted in English.
-The implementation of English Evenue in SMK to support the GUNTONG BEST program
-Teachers and students are provided with English courses to encourage them to communicate in
- Selected students will be trained on story-telling and English drama.

Client Charter

- Students are the teacher’s responsibility
- Every student is an excellent teacher.
- United we stand
- To give a high quality services in education and high in spirit
- To boost motivation and positive attitudes in order to excel
- To build and maintain virtuous culture in curriculum and co currilum
- To generate an ethical and morally students
- To raise awareness and responsibility among teanches and support staff.
- To build up goog rapport between Parentss Teachers Association and School.
- To delevope a clean, save and conducive school environment.

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